See How PowderGALV® Helped This Customer Predict Double the Jobs for the Upcoming Year

water park using powder coated steel parts—The Situation

—This aquatic entertainment industry customer (think waterparks) needed more durable coating and faster turnaround on projects. They were using steel that was hot-dip galvanized and powder coated as standard. They had concerns with the powder mils applied and adhesion as they were experiencing an outgassing appearance as time passed. They also needed help processing projects in a timely manner.


PowderGALV® Challenge

——Our challenge was to create a durable coating for a difficult end-use environment. Additionally, it must be able to withstand the abuse of long hauling conditions and heavy machinery handling. We must also provide multiple color options. Any efficiency in timeliness of turnaround would also be greatly appreciated.


PowderGALV® Powder Coating Processwater park construction with powder coated steel

—Our goal was to create a procedure to overcome the outgassing concern on the large parts. It wasn’t easy. ——Many failures and redesigns occurred during the coating process. We consulted with technical experts and our suppliers and finally developed PowderGALV® – hot-dipped galvanized steel with a powder coating.

We developed a relationship with the galvanizer and created a plan for shorter periods between the hot-dip galvanizing and the coating. We fine tuned the process to provide the coating desired by the customer.

—We developed a color deck for our customer to allow for multiple colors while minimizing expense. We o—pened a good line of communication with the customer and suppliers to meet their color needs.

—We worked on shipping and loading techniques to reduce travel damage and developed a procedure to repair any damage that might occur in transport and assembly.


Custom Solution

Our customer was able to see better performance in the field and able to gain additional projects due to our process. They are projecting a 50-100% increase in projects for the upcoming year. —We continue to work on the process to be more efficient and help our customer succeed.

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