PowderGALV®– Exclusive Powder Coating Process for Galvanized Steel

The PowderGALV® process has revolutionized the powder coating industry. We had our work cut out for us when we set out to create a more durable finish for galvanized steel. While the galvanized coating did a great job of deterring rust, it also created a slick surface that did not play well with traditional paint products. After a few years of exposure to hot and cold, beating sun, rain, snow, ice, and physical wear and tear. The paint would start to chip and peel. This was an industry-wide problem.

The Power Is in the Process

Our exclusive duplex coating process is what makes PowderGALV® so different. In fact PowderGALV® is the process, not the product. The PowderGALV® process involves two specific kinds of coatings – both a protective coating as well as an aesthetic coating. The combination of these two coatings creates excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. This proprietary combination means PowderGALV® steel parts can last for multiple years in many challenging environments which require outstanding anti-corrosion properties. The PowderGALV® process is gaining popularity nationwide. It is currently used to coat steel parts for waterparks, cooling towers, sprinkler systems, fencing and Department of Transportation (DOT) projects. The possibilities are endless.

Color Our Customers Happy

Once galvanized, we can powder coat with a variety of color options of coating including standard and premium epoxy coatings. And because PowderGALV® is a factory-applied metal coating system, we can paint and coat your steel year round regardless of weather conditions in our 61,000-square foot facility, which features a 380-foot enclosed straight paint line for maximum speed and efficiency.

Case Study #1

The Situation

This large manufacturing company specializing in industrial cooling towers was experiencing endurance issues with their coatings and suffering from slow turnaround times.

The cooling towers that their steel parts were used in are high humidity environments which really test the durability of the paint. They had used various coaters over the past ten years, but the paint would not hold up in the field. The manufacturer had a 5-year paint guarantee in place with lots of supporting marketing material tied to that guarantee.

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Case Study #2


The Situation

—This aquatic entertainment industry customer (think waterparks) needed more durable coating and faster turnaround on projects. They were using steel that was hot-dip galvanized and powder coated as standard. They had concerns with the powder mils applied and adhesion as they were experiencing an outgassing appearance as time passed. They also needed help processing projects in a timely manner.

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PowderGALV® provides a tough and long lasting coating from manufacture to delivery to installation, ensuring that it provides years of reliable service.