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Exclusive 3-Step Powder Coating Process

raw steel powder coating
hot-dip galvanizing steel for powder coating
powder coated galvanized steel parts

Case Study #1

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Our challenge was to create a durable coating for a difficult end-use environment. Additionally, it must be able to withstand the abuse of long hauling conditions and heavy machinery handling. We must also provide multiple color options. Any efficiency in timeliness of turnaround would also be greatly appreciated.

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Case Study #2

Our challenge was to provide a durable coating that would withstand the harsh conditions and handling. This coating must last for at least five years to meet the standard for their five year guarantee. It must fit within their existing marketing strategy. The coating process must also be timely to ensure a quicker turnaround.

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Practically Limitless Color Variety

Custom Color match options come with a larger investment than standard RAL colors or powder coating standard colors.